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Skincare novelty « Fermented Beauty »

Fermented Beauty

Interview with Nathalie Dessirier, Marketing Director at MS BEAUTILAB

Why did you decide to focus on “fermented beauty”, new trend which, according to the market research firm WGSN, is going to have a long-lasting impact on the beauty market?

To revive an ancestral process of green chemistry, whose benefits are known and sought after by consumers. Indeed, fermentation preserves the plants’ benefits without altering them and facilitates their absorption by the skin.

What are the challenges in developing “fermented beauty” products?

Our main challenge is to combine high naturalness and sensoriality with an eco-design approach for the packaging choice (airless or refillable jar for example).

What new products from this category will you present at MakeUp in LosAngeles?

A new range “Fermented Beauty” formulated from a postbiotic concentrate derived from the bioguided fermentation of Lactobacillus arizonensis. It is a postbiotic designed to target the radiance and integrity of the skin barrier.

The flagship product of the line is « Powerful Serum », whose ingredients have cosmetic benefits, including an emulsifier derived from rice fermentation with anti-inflammatory properties. Its highly natural formula (>95%) also contains post-biotic associated with camellia oil, fermented bamboo water and hyaluronic acid. This powerful synergy contributes to a better affinity of the formula with the skin, in order to obtain the combined benefits: hydration, protection, balance and radiance.

In addition to the Powerful Serum, this new line includes an Affinity Cream, a Sleeping Cream-Mask, a Lip Oil Serum and an Oil to Milk Remover.