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Nouveau Goth

Nouveau Goth

Modern goth goes glam, as an updated take on darker makeup moods combines the aesthetic of an emo haute couture catwalk, as punk and grunge inspired styles boom on TikTok and aesthetics like “gothcore” and “dark naturalism” inspire creativity.

Modern goth goes glam, as an updated take on darker makeup moods combines the aesthetic of an emo, haute couture catwalk. By elevating this dark outlook with adventurous, daring beauty looks, consumers take on a defiant edge. In juxtaposition to its shadowy side, this nouveau goth trend finds beauty in the brighter tones of nature, which are often deceptive indicators of poison or peril: gorgeous coppers, vivid reds, and awe-invoking yellowish-greens blend seamlessly with the subdued dark neutrals of serpentine blacks, stone grays, and midnight blues.

We see packaging inspired by images and illustrations of transfigurations, adding in a dose of the extraordinary to typical beauty and wellness products, with motifs like smoky packaging designs creating an alluring, mysterious mood. TikTok “core” trends also contribute to the growing dark aesthetic with “gothcore” and “punkcore” becoming popular trends and tags on the digital platform, along with “dark” or “goth” takes on fantasy aesthetics, like “dark naturalism” or “dark paradise.”

Punk and grunge inspired looks reign here, as we continue to track bold shags, mullets, and two-toned hair styles, with the latter made popular by the success of the film Cruella. Complimenting these punk-inspired hair trends, makeup helps to drive the bold expression of this story, with smudged, brilliant red lips, messy charcoal eyes, and intentionally chipped nails that evoke a nonchalant approach to nihilistic high fashion. Punk culture mixed with high fashion speaks to the fighting, activist spirit that’s surging among consumers, as they increasingly want to stand up for what they believe in while not compromising personal aesthetics.

By: Melissa Hago, VP & Creative Director of Beauty and Wellness at Fashion Snoops & Mallory Huron, Beauty & Wellness Strategist at Fashion Snoops.
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