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The Life Cycle of a Trend

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In a recent comprehensive analysis conducted by Spate, a profound revelation about the interconnectedness of Google Search and TikTok trends in the beauty industry has emerged. Over a three-year timespan, Spate discovered that 75% of TikTok trends and Google Search keywords exhibit remarkable similarity, showcasing the symbiotic nature of these two platforms.

Contrary to popular belief, TikTok trends are not as volatile as they may seem. Spate’s research demonstrates a reciprocal relationship between TikTok and Google Search, indicating that trends on one platform can significantly influence the other. This revelation unveils hidden stability within the dynamic world of beauty trends.

Among the insights uncovered, it was found that seasonal trends, like Halloween nails, exhibit the highest degree of similarity when comparing Google Search and TikTok. This highlights how consumers engage with these platforms during specific events or seasons.

Sustained rising and declining trends also showcase converging behaviors on both TikTok and Google Search. Notably, trends with over 50 posts on TikTok are more likely to gain traction on Google Search, indicating consumers’ intent to purchase.

The type of trend also matters in this context. Entertainment-focused trends like tattoo services and hair transitions excel on TikTok but often fail to translate into Google Searches, indicating a lack of purchase intent. This differentiation underscores the need for brands to discern between awareness and purchase-driving trends.

Among the synchronized trends identified, Seasonal Riser trends like sunscreen sticks, under-eye correctors, and triple barrel wavers exhibit a strong resemblance across both platforms. Similarly, Sustained Riser trends, such as chrome nails, hair wax sticks, and cat eyelashes, and Sustained Decliner trends, like maskne, headband wigs, and body paint, highlight the coalescence of interests and preferences.

Brands looking to capitalize on these insights should monitor significant long-term declines in trends to understand macro shifts and pivot strategies, demonstrating responsiveness to evolving consumer needs. Additionally, monitoring and innovatively repositioning sustained trends can keep them relevant and impactful.

The critical takeaway from Spate’s analysis is the need for brands to break free from shortsighted strategies driven solely by TikTok’s volatility. Instead, they should seek a holistic trend perspective that preempts sales — from awareness to purchase intent — for better planning. By validating trend predictions with data, brands can secure a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving beauty industry.

In conclusion, Spate’s research underscores the importance of understanding trends and recognizing the interplay between TikTok and Google Search in shaping consumer behavior in the beauty industry. This knowledge can empower brands to make informed decisions and stay ahead in a rapidly changing landscape. Download the full report to learn more.



Spate analyzes over 20 billion search signals and 700 billion TikTok views to identify the next big trend in beauty. Through search, consumers reveal their most secret selves, offering a clear and honest picture of consumer interests to brands. Over 100 of the top beauty brands, such as L’Oreal, Estée Lauder, and Olaplex, leverage Spate data for product development and marketing.