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2025 February, 12 & 13

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Beauty Talks & Inspiration Bar

Beauty Talks

MakeUp in LosAngeles is thrilled to announce the return of its partnership with the international trend forecasting and consultancy agency, Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation, which will present four Beauty Talks during the event.
Hosted by the agency’s Chief Inspiration Officer Leila Rochet, each talk will feature a specially invited panel of industry insiders who will share their vision and experiences, while deciphering the key themes for 2024 and beyond. And with innovation at the forefront of everyone’s minds, attendees are also invited to join the Cosmetics IC team at the Inspiration Bar, where they will be showcasing the latest product innovations to hit the worldwide beauty market.

The theme of the agency’s 2024 forecasting report is The Age of Thrill: Desiring the extra-ordinary.

“In an era marked by uncertainties and polycrisis, there is a growing demand for emotionally compelling and exhilarating physical experiences, especially with our ever-evolving lifestyles. Consumers are now invigorated by groundbreaking innovations that offer extra-ordinary sensations while elevating performance to unprecedented levels. This trend of seeking thrills is set to influence our perception of beauty, giving rise to a more individual mindset and establishing elevated expectations, propelling beauty into an Elysian* trajectory.” explains Leila Rochet, Chief Inspiration Officer of Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation.

For 2024 and beyond, the following four trends were deciphered by the agency and represent the need to meet heightened expectations around performance,
creativity and sustainability. Each theme will provide direction and inspiration on how brands can respond to increasingly nuanced consumer behaviors.

*”Elysian” refers to something beautiful, blissful, or divine. It often carries a connotation of a utopian or heavenly state. In Greek mythology, Elysium (or the Elysian Fields) was a paradise for the virtuous and heroic in the afterlife. So, using “Elysian trajectory” suggests a path or direction toward a beautiful, ideal, or heavenly state.

The Trends

#1 Higher Futures – The transformative impact of science-centric approaches on the beauty industry

A mindset rooted in science and focused on solutions is making waves in the beauty sector, embraced by consumers driven by tangible outcomes. Moving forward, the beauty landscape envisions hybrid innovations and experiences dedicated to optimizing daily performance. Science will continue to feed innovative beauty products – from clinical skincare to science-driven makeup.

#2 Transient Utopia – Revisiting the codes of lifestyle

Beauty adapts to always-on-the-move lifestyles, as the thirst for leisure and the rising nomad economy drive innovation. The travel surge calls for refreshed routines and simpler, smarter formats that reimagine the practical nature of beauty products. Climatic changes will continue to impact choices and behaviors, calling for new thermal sensations, soothing textures, and the skinification of suncare. Demand for intelligent SPF hybrids will rise as daily defense becomes central to the preparation for a better future.

#3 Extra-Vagance – Bringing the extra-ordinary in the everyday

Consumers (especially Gen Z) are turning to lavish indulgences and luxury treats as a comeback to the daily grind of the recession. A new cohort of thrillseekers are maxing out on experiences and eschewing convention to party through the permacrisis. Sensational makeup looks are born on TikTok and cascade into the real world, as artistry becomes everyday. For beauty, this calls for the innovation of new chromatics, textures and ornaments, and the reclaiming of evening beautification.

#4 Symbiotic Progress – Adapting for a better future

Value is being rapidly redefined by consumers who are demanding greater environmental responsibility, driving brands to consider the future implications of products. As the climate crisis continues to unfold, innovation will come to the foreground of beauty as consumers look for solutions to increasingly prominent issues caused by environmental deterioration. This will call for a symbiotic approach, blending science, technology and nature to deliver bold and ambitious products that benefit both people and planet. In beauty, this calls for a more holistic approach to innovation, privileging a more global life cycle approach and scrutiny in sourcing.

4 Inspiring Beauty Talks at The Beauty Agora, February 14-15 2024

#1 Higher Futures – The transformative impact of science-centric approaches on the beauty industry

February 14, 2024 from 12.30 pm to 13.15 pm at The Beauty Agora
Speakers: Leïla Rochet (CIO of Cosmetics IC) with Gloria Ryu (Chief Product Officer at Haus Lab) and Sébastien Bardon (CEO and co-founder of Capsum).

Leila will share how science is evolving, showcasing some of the latest innovations in this field. She will introduce the latest insights from emerging categories and propose new territories for innovation. This will be followed by a discussion with Gloria Ryu, Chief Product Officer at Haus Lab by Lady Gaga, a tech-driven makeup line, and Sebastien Bardon, CEO and co-founder of Capsum, a science-driven contract manufacturer, specializing in microfluidic technologies applied to Beauty.

#2 Transient Utopia – Revisiting the codes of lifestyle

February 14, 2024 from 15.30 pm to 16.15 pm at The Beauty Agora
Speakers: Leïla Rochet (CIO of Cosmetics IC) with Katrina Virani (VP of Product Development of Vacation) and Richard Welch (CEO – Utu).

Leila will share how changes in lifestyle and rising nomadism are impacting beauty, with a focus on new narratives. This will be followed by a discussion with Katrina Virani, Vice President / Head of Product Development at Vacations and Richard Welch CEO of Utu. They will discuss how these new lifestyles are impacting our industry, from the rise of urban protection to climate-adaptive products.

#3 Extra-Vagance – Bringing the extra-ordinary into the everyday

February 15th from 11.30pm to 12.15pm at The Beauty Agora
Speakers: Leïla Rochet (CIO of Cosmetics IC) with Alex Rawitz (Director Content Marketing of Creator iQ)), Chelsie Hall (CEO & co-founder of Viralmoment) and Eileen Kim (Head of US Innovation & Research of Chanel)

Leila will introduce one of the leading themes in the agency’s prospective vision for 2024 and beyond, with examples from around the world. Alex Rawitz, Director Content Marketing at CreatorIQ and Chelsie Hall, CEO and Co-Founder of Viralmoment, will share how fashion and luxury brands are seeing an increase in attraction on social media and the key learnings for innovation. This will be followed by a panel discussion with Eileen Kim, Head of US Innovation & Research at Chanel.

#4 Symbiotic Progress – Adapting for a better future – Annie Jackson, CEO of Credo Beauty, shares her vision for a post-Clean Beauty future

February 15th from 14.30pm to 15.15pm at The Beauty Agora
Speakers: Leïla Rochet will interview Annie Jackson – Co-founder and CEO of Credo Beauty.

“Annie Jackson is one of the leading voices in the clean beauty and sustainability movement. As co-founder and now CEO of Credo, Annie is uniquely positioned to offer insight into the evolution of the clean beauty space and share her thoughts on how the industry must adapt to ensure a better tomorrow. With value being rapidly redefined by consumers who are demanding greater environmental responsibility, brands are being driven to consider the future implications of products. Credo is a pro-active steward of progress, working alongside brands to evolve sustainability standards that go far beyond current consumer expectations.” Leila Rochet – Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation.
This special conference will be an opportunity to learn more about Annie’s path to success, the challenges she has faced as a clean beauty pioneer, and her vision for the future. Leila and Annie will discuss the current state of clean beauty and the challenges that the industry must overcome to create “a better tomorrow”.

The Inspiration Bar

Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation’s signature Inspiration Bar will return to MakeUp in LosAngeles (Booth L36).
Book your place at the bar, where the team will talk you through the latest product innovations from the worldwide beauty market, selected to illustrate the four major themes discussed in the Beauty Talks. Don’t hesitate to book your private session at the bar.

Cosmetics Inspiration Creation

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Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation is an international trend forecasting and consulting agency founded in Paris in 2007. The agency is dedicated to driving beauty and wellness innovation, helping brands identify new pathways and realize long-term growth through strategic foresight and trend inspiration.
The agency regularly delivers in-depth trend reports covering the global beauty markets, decoding the latest inspirations and market data, and deciphering the latest product releases to feed your brand’s innovation process. We convert insights and inspiration into bespoke leverages, tailored to specific goals and ambitions.
In a consultancy capacity, our global team of industry experts, cultural strategists, product developers and beauty chemists work closely with brands to inspire new product directions and build innovative concepts. We have worked alongside the R&D departments of some of the world’s leading makeup and skincare brands, to elevate their scientific message and inspire future-proofed innovation.

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