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2024 February, 14 & 15

LA Convention Center

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Skincare & Makeup brand Concept Challenge

Since our mission is to support all beauty brands, from concept ideas to the implementation of the project, development and growth, MakeUp in LosAngeles has launched a brand new competition dedicated to Indie brand’s projects. We believe that indie brands are a major part of today’s beauty industry, and we want them to be able to grow and flourish. That’s why we’ve decided to launch this competition to discover these little gems that are still unknown but could become tomorrow’s superbrands.

The competition was open worldwide to any beauty entrepreneurs with ideas for skincare or makeup products and Skincare and makeup brand at any stage from concept to pre-launch ready.

The first stage of the selection unveiled 10 finalists who will be able to present their project/brand in front of the Beauty Committee and an exclusive audience of brand owners, beauty investors, strategic partners, manufacturers and beauty influencers.

Each finalist will have 3 minutes pitch to share their project/brand on stage + 3 minutes Q&A with attendees and Beauty Community.

During the show, the Beauty Committee will judge live each concept, scoring each presentation with following criteria : Brand Story/Creativity/Brand Concept, Target Consumers, Product roadmap / Ingredients / Certifications / Strategy & Packaging & Sustainability to award a winner in each category.

Discover them below, and come listen to them live at the show !

Who’s the Jury?

Ana Allen, MakeUp LosAngeles Ambassador will be chair of the Jury gathering: industry marketing leaders, brand advisors and venture capitalists.
Ana is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in the beauty industry working with some of the world’s leading brands and retailers. Her broad range of experience includes launching new brands and bringing them to market, as well as working with big brands to grow their businesses through new product innovation and distribution channels.

Casey Georgeson – Founder/CEO – Saint Jane Beauty
Kristina McInnis – Marketing agency owner, Lifestyle influencer, CEO – KCMCONNECT
Dia Foley – Founder & CEO – Communitysixtysix
Sandra Saenz – International Recognized Makeup artist
Ewelina Aiossa – Co-Founder and CMO – Clinical Skin
Lion Shirdan – Founder and CEO, UPRISE Media

Makeup finalists

Live pitches at MakeUp in LosAngeles Thursday, February 16th at 9:30am at the Beauty Agora


Makeup is empowering. And, although it started with women, we think every gender should be able to share that empowerment. By creating a brand that educates and normalizes men’s makeup, we’ll help make the industry more inclusive.

2. TEARandGO – Debra Golden (debra@tearandgo)

TEARandGO is the new single-use colour cosmetics applicator that allows customers to enjoy your gloss, balm, stain or lipstick exactly as they intended, without sacrificing brand experience. Pocket and purse-friendly, TEARandGO’s patented design work with a wide variety of formulas, putting portability and control in the customer’s hands. Innovative and inventive, TEARandGO elevates your brand while expanding opportunities!


3. Lady Rogue Beauty – Shalini Hernandez (

Ayurvedic makeup line focused on underrepresented skin tones. Currently, there is no Ayurvedic foundation in the North American market and there is also a lack of representation of South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Indo-Caribbean in the beauty industry.

4. Bulletproof – Cera  (

Bulletproof cosmetics is not just a brand, we want to help women and girls learn what their legal and substantive rights are in the face of harm. We designed a sleek and stylish necklace that houses lipstick refills. The refills click in and out of our necklace. We have 5 gorgeous colours and a nourishing balm. This is something that is new, that mixes the jewellery and cosmetic worlds together.

5. Hustle Beauty – Courtney Louks (

We are the first and only Athleisure-focused beauty brand. Our cosmetics meet the needs of active women, eventually expanding into skincare. We will use our cosmetic platform to encourage and promote wellness and the balance of an active life.

Skincare finalists

Live pitches at MakeUp in LosAngeles Friday, February 17th at 9:30am at the Beauty Agora

1. Ki’olal Biocosmetic – Jessica Trevino (

‘’KI’OLAL “Ancient Wisdom For Modern Skin” celebrates every skin, through your very own journey. Defining a new attitude to skincare, we’ve created a movement which sees our daily skin regimen as a ritual, just like journaling or a morning meditation session. Ingredients are chosen specifically to get the most out of mother nature’s gifts, with a curated selection of niche organic certified super-ingredients and a holistic daily routine to build your very own.

2. To Be Honest – San Winslow (

Clean has become commonplace, but waste associated with SKU proliferation is being overlooked by the industry. And there is still no solution for wasted product leftover in the package. With a focus on true, radical transparency and sustainable environmental benefits, we have created a lineup of zero-waste, multifunctional personal care products, eliminating the need for multiple steps in your skincare routine.

3. Mohain – Impana Srri (

Developing a new packaging that separates the liquid and non-liquid components of skincare. Which is mixed and dispensed only when the customer is ready to use. Giving you fresh skincare with the maximum potency of active ingredients, while combating the current issues such as active ingredient degradation and using natural as well as clean ingredients with higher shelf life.

4. Unapologetic Society – Stephanie Duerden (

A simple yet innovative, easy-to-apply routine that is designed for men.

5. Sadies Secret – Jill Keogh (

This is an age-specific brand that focuses on the unique needs of women from their 40s, up to 80. It especially addresses redness and hot flush as skin thins. The brand offers a hybrid collection.