MakeUp in World

2025 February, 12 & 13

LA Convention Center

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An unforgettable celebration of beauty, creativity, and innovation took place last week in Los Angeles!

Mula23 Aftershow

Makeup in LosAngeles has skyrocketed, with other 5000 visitors, we broke records for the first time ever!

MakeUp in LosAngeles, US World #1 B2B Beauty Event was a breathtaking experience that left its attendees in complete awe! From the moment the doors opened, the boundless talent and innovation on display were simply awe-inspiring. 

Breaking attendance records with 5 351 participants, the beauty industry flocked to the event to see the latest and greatest in skincare and makeup. With top-tier speakers and a dynamic lineup of talks and animations, every moment was filled with inspiration and cutting-edge ideas.

Everywhere they turned, visitors were wowed by the incredible displays of creativity and cutting-edge products that filled the show aisles. Whether it was discovering new beauty trends, doing business with like-minded suppliers, or simply soaking up the creative energy of the show, there was something for everyone at MakeUp in LosAngeles! 

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the each of you who make this two-day a resounding success!

Successful Business Connections

MakeUp in LosAngeles provided an exciting opportunity to discover new beauty trends and connect with industry professionals. With an impressive lineup of +135 skincare and makeup suppliers, attendees were able to explore a diverse range of exhibitor booths and unlock countless possibilities for their beauty businesses. The electric atmosphere was fueled by a surge of creative energy, resulting in exciting new collaborations and the promise of future innovations in the beauty industry.

Packed conferences and workshops

The show saw an incredible turnout at the Conference room and the Beauty Agora, as attendees flocked to uncover the latest beauty trends. an impressive lineup of renowned speakers taking the stage. Industry experts such as Kelly Coller, Katherine & Caroline Ramos, Danessa Myricks, Romain Gaillard… shared their knowledge and experience with the audience, providing a unique opportunity to delve into the world of beauty and discover the latest market trends. Each session was more enlightening than the last, with speakers carefully analyzing and decoding the latest industry trends.

Spotlights on Innovation

Innovation was once again at the forefront of the show, with the IT Awards competition showcasing the creativity of exhibitors through their cutting-edge and on-trend products. From MANA PRODUCTS’ SKIN BARRIER LOTION SPF 50-B to MS BEAUTILAB’s SKIN FUSION, ALBEA’s CREME TOPIALYSE SVR, ITIT Cosmetics’ MAKE-UP SNACKS, and CHROMAVIS FAREVA’s SNOWGLOBE, to ACT BEAUTY’s BIODEGRADABLE BLENDER SPONGE and WONDER GUA SHA, the products on display were a testament to the limitless possibilities in the world of makeup and skincare. Whether attendeed were seeking inspiration for their next project or simply looking to indulge their creative side, the event offered a wealth of ideas to explore.
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We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 February 2024 for the next edition of MakeUp in LosAngeles.