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2025 February, 12 & 13

LA Convention Center

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Exhibitors’ innovation and beauty trends: gems of MakeUp in LosAngeles 2019!

MakeUp in LosAngeles 2019

The 4th edition of MakeUp in LosAngeles has closed its doors but the story has not ended yet! The 4500+ participants got the chance to discover, on the Innovation Tree, makeup innovation selected by the Innovation Tree Expert Committee.

And what an incredible hit list! So many new products and innovations in formulation, packaging, accessories and full service… enough to make the 2 days of the show full of surprises and new discoveries.

Thank you to all the exhibitors that have submitted their product and congratulations to the Awarded Exhibitors:

You could spot them right away thanks to big Awarded stickers in front of their stand during the show! And during the conferences, Jennifer Karuletwa, Business Development Director – US West Coast, at PECLERS PARIS, after analyzing the submitted products has spotted the current beauty trends forecasted for this year by Peclers: néo universalism, ecological natives and personalization.

Congratulations to the Millennial’ favorITes!

The young generation has not been forgotten as students from CHIC STUDIO, guided by Michel Burke, Celebrity MakeUp Artist, were invited to test and evaluate the Awarded MakeUp IT Products. With so much enthusiasm and thoroughness, they singled out their 3 preferred ones.

And a big special thank you to WWP for designing, producing and offering the gorgeous awards for the 2019 MakeUp in LosAngeles Millenials FavorITe!