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2025 February, 12 & 13

LA Convention Center

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Innovations, West coast opportunities… Hear it from the pros!

MakeUp in LosAngeles 2019

MakeUp in LosAngeles is ONLY 6 weeks from now! And to help you survive this not-so-long wait, we asked our exhibitors what new products they were planning to reveal during the show and let’s just say… It’s going to be amazingly colorful!

Have a look at some of their projects geared to the West coast that will leave you wanting more!


STRAND COSMETICS EUROPE chooses MakeUp in LosAngeles to reassert its historic commitment to clean, green, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics. STRAND COSMETICS EUROPE will launch its new make-up collection at MakeUp in LosAngeles, in line with the specific expectations of the forward thinking American West Coast, for clean, green, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics.

Cosmic Shadows eye shadows, Cosmolips lip gloss and Mascara Eye Love Cosmos respectively contain 99.6%, 100% and 99.2% natural ingredients of exclusively vegetable or mineral origin. They are free of paraben, phenoxyethanol, silicone, PEG and synthesis-perfume.

In accordance with the scientific culture and the values of excellence and rigor of its leaders, STRAND COSMETICS EUROPE has always led a CSR approach fully aligned with the strict requirements of the European regulation and its REACH standard.

Naturality, ecology and safety are at the heart of the design of STRAND COSMETICS EUROPE formulas, combined with the search for textures that are recognized for their comfort and performance. This approach attracts trends-setting brands that attend MakeUp in LosAngeles, the it-show where the makeup trends of the third millennium are emerging. The place to be. STRAND COSMETICS EUROPE will be there!


ANCOROTTI COSMETICS will present 3 new make up collections linking a common concept: “food for beauty”.

Something new about the classic concept of superfood: now the different products not only give benefits thanks to the numerous extracts included, but at the same time, the product appearance and smell evoke the different foods, becoming a fun and tempting beauty tool, special and unique. We try to reach every kind of women, from the most sweet and lovely ones to the healthy lover and fitness addicted.

We would like to expand our West coast cliental and service the existing customers better.

ANCOROTTI COSMETICS expects to showcase its new trends and formulations to new and exisiting brands.


We will present the final version of our patented FLESS®, the first flexible brush. The surface of application changes its shape according to the applied pressure. The result being the maximum possible adaptability to the face and body shapes.
Very innovative will also be the new types of handles finish, developed in order to offer a completely different tactile perception when using the brush and available in different colors.
The ECOSOPHY line, our internally developed range of brushes made with recycled handles and ferrules will remain a highlight of our participation to the MakeUp in LosAngeles as well.

From our recent contacts and experience, we believe the West Coast has an excellent potential for our brushes. Very dynamic and fast growing companies there are looking for innovative products that combine quality with sustainable production methods and continuous innovation.
Those are the points PENNELLI FARO has been focusing on in the recent years.

What are we expecting for MakeUp in LosAngeles? Many contacts with potential new customers, as usual in such a popular and focused event, but at the same time to reinforce our presence and image on a market that is looking for long lasting business relationships.
The USA are a very important market for us and it is our firm intention to concentrate there our big efforts in following it very closely and in developing specific products whenever necessary.


VIROSPACK would like to present its wide range of standard references easy to customise, as well as specifics.

We are going to present our droppers as the best performing packaging for cosmetics offering quality and customisation. We are going to focus on make up liquid products, specially in highlighters, and in natural cosmetics for skin care.

We are going to present our latest developments in droppers as well –the ring dropper and curved droppers. We are a global company based in Barcelona, Spain, from where we develop, produce and decorate more than 70 milions of droppers every year delivering them around the world, as well as to the West Coast.

We only produce under an order, this topic join our in-house are the unique way to offer differenciation to brands with standard references. In consequence our minimum production for order is not small, but althought this topic we would like to know more and to increase our direct contact with local brands from the West Coast.