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2025 February, 12 & 13

LA Convention Center

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Get your dose of color… and innovations

MakeUp in LosAngeles 2018

The MakeUp in team is in pole position for the next edition of MakeUp in LosAngeles… Lots to share with you in 2 days!

We asked our exhibitors what new products they were planning to reveal during the show and lets just say… It’s going to be amazingly colorful!

Here are some of their projects geared to the West coast that will leave you wanting more!


SEACLIFF BEAUTY will be presenting custom packaging and formulations for cosmetics and skincare. Our innovations lend to consumer requests including full turnkey services, sustainable options, and patented airtight solutions.

We are able to work closely with our partners on the West Coast since we are based in Southern California, but our industry experience and knowledge has allowed us to work effectively on a global scale.

At MakeUp in LosAngeles, SeaCliff Beauty plans to build relationships and provide custom solutions for those looking to begin or expand upon their beauty line.


B.KOLORMAKEUP & SKINCARE will be presenting its fourth update to the collections designed for 2019 and beyond. We are completing our range of 200-plus formulas and technologies developed over the last year and, as always, there are some interesting innovations surrounding the three-dimensional look of compact powders, new and exclusive sensory qualities in high-performance foundations and face products, along with astounding visual and long-lasting effects in the lip area.

We’re looking at huge potential, something we started to believe in when many other brands were still unknown outside their national borders. The pursuit of creativity and quality that is continuously being fuelled goes hand in hand with our vision for cosmetic concepts in makeup and skincare.

MakeUp in LosAngeles is always an event that allows us to share ideas and new developments with our customers, while also serving as an ideal platform that enables us to meet people and brands who need to develop something that pushes beyond common product standards, instead seeking exclusivity, innovation, quality and service.


Under the motto “Clean Beauty” SCHWAN COSMETICS will present a bride range of new products for eyes, lips, brows and the face formulated with natural ingredients, offering long lastingness and hot climate stability. For example a smudge- and transfer-proof eyeliner with more than 75% natural ingredients or a very precise but super soft natural based lipliner formulated with vegetable emollient waxes. The textures contain no toxins and their ingredients are printed on the products and thus completely transparent to the consumers.

The west coast is at the forefront of beauty innovations and new start-ups are coming up every day with new services and products. We see a huge potential in this region and want to address specifically the exciting indie brands with our bride product range and our tailored solutions.

Of course, we expect new partnerships and new business opportunities both with our existing clients and new brands. Besides, we are looking forward to exchanging views on the market with other private label companies and discovering new trends and evolutions in the cosmetics industry. Last but not least: We are excited to find out “who is next” within the growing celebrity brands.


ROBERTS BEAUTY will be showcasing new customizable innovation concepts as well as demonstrating our new website that features the largest online sourcing catalog for browsing cosmetic packaging.

We are headquartered in the west coast so have the opportunity to provide hands-on service to west coast brands.

We are expecting to engage with our prospective accounts from the West coast and beyond.


The preparations for MakeUp in LosAngeles 2019 are in full swing here at NUCO.

As we all well know, West coast is the home of lots of successful indie brands who grew on innovation, unique products and unconventional attitude to business.

That is why we are going to prepare a special collection of products that in our opinion can be interesting not only for California-based companies, but also to any other brand that might want to visit us. This time, the common denominator of the formulas is sensorial and unique texture. All in all, cosmetics are all about experience and fun!


As always, J.COP has been presenting New Unique Decoration Series for every show, and for MakeUp in LosAngeles, we will be showcase our latest 2019 series for the first time including J.Cop’s Exclusive metal coating + Crystal Coating series and Graded Digital Print Series.

There are relatively large amount of potential new comers and start-ups biz booming in West coast, recently. We are more than happy to support and create rapport with these potential groups.

We hope to showcase our new series successfully, and hopefully may connect to number of physical outcomes. We expect to increase our networks and rapports with the buyers, suppliers and publishers.

Stay tunned for more novelties from the exhibitors and the show: new products, trends, market news and innovations!