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2025 February, 12 & 13

LA Convention Center

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Will these products still be the IT products of next year?

MakeUp in LosAngeles 2020

Last February, the MakeUp in LosAngeles participants got the chance to discover, on the Innovation Tree, makeup and skincare innovations selected by the Expert Committee.

30 products each one representing months of research and hard work from the best of makeup and skincare suppliers gave us the 2 main trends of the season: ecological natives and personalization.

What were the products?

BRUSH CLEANING COMPACT (SEACLIFF BEAUTY): An innovative compact product practical and nomad to clean brushes

COUTURE (COSMOGEN): Range of brushes with original design inspired by haute couture*

DRAMA BLAST FIREWORK (INTERCOS LA): Beautiful texture and designs with metallic effects from a patented 3D surfacing technology

FAP COSMOS NATURAL (STRAND COSMETICS EUROPE): A promising eco-designed product with a formula containing over 99.6% natural ingredients

FOUNDATION ONE DROP MIRACLE (RIJU WORLD): Inclusive beauty: a formula, simple to use, soft, resistant, and vegan adapted to 24 skin types*

GLAMOUROLIC (WECKERLE COSMETICS): A sweet formula with a texture easy to apply that leaves a beautiful sparkling veil

GREEN COLLECTION (COSMOPAK): An eco-designed trendy and qualitative range of packaging and containers

GREEN PE COLLECTION (PREMI BEAUTY INDUSTRIES): A range that contribute to expand the offer of eco-design beauty packaging

GREEN SPIRIT LIPSTICK (PASCUAL COSMETIQUES): Natural and sensory and on the clean beauty trend

HYDRO MATTE SKIN PRIMER (S&J INTERNATIONAL): A natural primer, fresh that releases a sensorial texture visible to the naked eyes

LIP POWDER PALETTE (ALLTA INTERNATIONAL): An innovative material and design for this palette who contains creamy formulas with intense lip colors

MAGIC SPELL PEEL OFF LINER AND TOPCOAT (BEUKAY COSMETICS): A 2-in-1 product with exible use and a peel-o formula that makes it easier to remove make-up

MAGIC SPLIT LEAD (SCHWAN COSMETICS): Beautiful, practical and nomadic wooden pencils with soft and ultra-sensual powdered textures

MAGNETIC DROPPER (VIROSPACK): Dropper elegant and customizable with an innovative magnetic closure system

MELTIN DEW STICK (KDC/ONE): Moisturizing stick, universal and practical whose formula is particularly melting

MERCURY (ALBEA): Original design and nice application

MY STYLE BAG (ALBEA): Eco-designed, lightweight and practical with innovative design

MYSTORIES LIPSTICK & LIPGLOSS (COSMEI): Fun and customizable packaging for lipstick and lip-gloss

OBSESSION HIGHLIGHTER (INTERCOS LA): A classic revisited with a beautiful decor and an incredibly sensory texture

OPRAH 5ML • 15ML (BARALAN): An innovative process to make more economical and more loaded jars of glass that improves product image

POWDER TO CREAM LIP COLOR (D.LAB): Silky and homogeneous texture and beautiful color

POWDER TO WATER PRIMER (D.LAB): Mattifying and fresh and in the trend of skin care powder*

QUICK RELEASE MAGNETIC VIAL (COSMOPAK): A container very pleasant to use with a soft and elegant gestures

REFILL COLLECTION (PREMI BEAUTY INDUSTRIES): A standard collection who democratize the offer of refillable cosmetic products

SECRET CRUSH PINK (WECKERLE COSMETICS): Playful, this product hides a pink color lipstick formulated with sensitive photo pigments

SHIMMER DROPS (BEAUTYTRILL/TOLY): Light and fluid formula with flakes that spread very well on application and give a WHAOU effect

VIP COLLECTION (PREMI BEAUTY INDUSTRIES): A customizable glass containers collection who allows the high-end at a lower cost

*Awarded Millennials FavorITe 2019 during MakeUp in LosAngeles

One year after, for the 5th edition of MakeUp in LosAngeles, one year during which the beauty industry was driven more than ever by the new consumers’ needs and demands, the Expert Committee will gather again to single out the 2020 innovations to put on the spotlight during the show.

Will they be close to the 2019 ones? Will they answer the same trends or highlight new ones? What will be the new “IT” products?

Come and discover everything about makeup and skincare innovations and trends, February 11&12, at the Los Angeles Convention Center!

The Innovation Tree will await you right at the entrance of the show.